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Aerial filming Cornwall… let us capture your imagination

[x_text class=”mtl mbn”]If you are serious about your project, you will understand that a single image or video clip taken from a unique perspective can instantly grasp the viewers attention unlike any other imagery.

With aerial filming Cornwall using the very latest remotely operated UAV Drone technology combined with high definition cameras, Eye Sky Media can frame your subject matter from a new perspective. We can capturing the imagination of the viewer. With aerial filming we can reach many places a helicopter can’t and at a fraction of the cost and short notice.

Whether its photography or HD video footage you require, we can get the desired shot for you from camera angles you previously could only have dreamt of. From long low sweeping runs across a beach or over the moors. Up and above houses and historical landmarks hundreds of feet up. Capture the beautiful skyline of a town or city with 360 panoramic aerial views.

Imagine for a moment… the possibilities with aerial filming Cornwall are endless.


Aerial Filming Plymouth DevonWith the recent advances in camera, flight and battery technology, our UAVs are now capable of obtaining footage at a quality comparable to that achieved by manned aircraft. They can be used closer to the ground and nearer to people than manned aircraft. This means that they are now an incredibly versatile tool for filmmakers across a wide variety of genres. UAV’s aerial filming can be used to replace dolly and jib shots in awkward locations and can be used for lift and zoom shots.

We operate as a two man team, with an independent camera/gimbal operator.  Eye Sky Media can not only capture that elusive angle for you in full HD, but also give your production a creative edge adding dramatic and cinematic movement with aerial filming.

If you require aerial filming footage for TV, film, business marketing, or a non-commercial project, Eye Sky Media can provide the solution.

Not just skyward bound…

Besides aerial filming Cornwall work, we also capture high quality ground level video footage and photograph stills and have green screen capabilities. We also have one of the best audio sound recording studio facilities in the South West, established in 1993 where, working with voiceover talent we can record voiceovers for your production.  Learn more…[/x_text]

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We are friendly, professional, creative, enthusiastic with the highest attention to detail, and are eager to work with you to achieve impressive results. Get in touch to arrange to drop by to discuss your project.