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We are a professional and legally BNUC-s qualified operator. This means that after much hard work, sweat and tears, full permissions for aerial work have been granted to us by CAA UK ensuring the highest standards in safety and operation.


We are long established in the AV industry having produced work for many major clients since 1993. Eye Sky Media brings the latest advancements in aerial platforms and camera stabilisation into the arena, and we can now offer an even wider range of professional services for your production under one roof.


We’re fully covered giving you peace of mind.
We have £5m Public Liability insurance and also full drone cover for flying outdoors and in, over water, peak and dale. We can take you places that you never previously imagined possible.


We have invested in some of the latest aerial platforms, cameras and camera stabilisation technology enabling us to skilfully capture stunning rock solid, pin-sharp imagery, as one would expect from a high-end professional company.


Not just specialists in aerial filming & photography… We can deliver the full package…

Aerial Filming Plymouth

Aerial Filming in 4K

We capture fully stabilised aerial footage in stunning 4K ‘Ultra’ HD from ground level to hundreds of metres away with ‘live’ HD video links.
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Aerial Photography Plymouth

Aerial Photography

We capture stunning aerial stills in RAW & Jpeg simultaneously at 28MP. We also capture panoramic 360 degree, 3D stills and timelapse film.
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Aerial Surveying Plymouth

Surveying & Inspections

We can easily inspect power lines, wind turbines and buildings which are all notoriously tricky and expensive and often dangerous to check using traditional methods.
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3D Aerial Mapping Plymouth

3D Aerial Mapping

We accurately photograph and map buildings and geographical terrains from which we can generate maps and 3D interactive models. We render virtual fly through videos, calculate precise measurements for surveying, and output to many common file formats.
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Ground Filming & Photography

We are not just airborne… We also undertake projects upon ole’ terra firma for many applications ranging from short films, photography, A/V content for e-learning and digital marketing for a wide range of diverse clients.
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AV Production Studios Plymouth

A / V Production Studios

We boast one of the south west’s (UK) finest sound recording studio & voiceover facilities with video editing suite. This means we can not only capture your footage, but can create an entire ‘one-stop’ media promotional package in-house for you.
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Capturing The Drama

add high octane drama to your productions with epic cinematography

What Spins Our Propellers?


    We are creative professionals in aerial filming, photography & surveying using the latest remotely controlled drone (UAV) tech. We also produce film, audio, music and online media and have done so for many years.
    With the recent advances in aerial cinematography, what was once locked in your imagination, can now be reality.


    We are not just technical geniuses and drone obsessed. We have over 30 years experience in the AV industry so, rest assured, we kind of know a fair bit about what you need from us visually, and how to get the results you desire using our amazing tech.


    We love our work and we especially crave working with like minded creative folk to achieve amazing things. Now we can do it hundreds of feet in the air. Exciting.

Aerial Filming Plymouth


We Think You’ll Love Us

We are smart, sociable, creative, passionate and enthusiastic about our work.
We have over 30 combined years in the A / V industry… so kind of know what we’re doing!

Shaun Olver - Pilot

Shaun Olver


Shaun is the man with the steady hands and nerves of steel. He is BNUC-s qualified, passing quite literally with flying colours! Shaun has always worked in the AV industry and his technical expertise and know-how is key in helping Eye Sky Media develop and maintain our awesome tech.  Chocks Away!

John Carter - Cameras

John Carter


John has always worked in the AV industry and founded April Media Productions in 1993. He has always had a passion in RC aircraft, and has been at the forefront of the UAV Drone tech since its evolution, now combining the tech with clients AV projects as Camera Op and Creative Director.

No Fear of Water

We love the drama of water and are more than happy to fly over rivers, lakes and seas


Aerial Filming Clients

Our Fleet

We use some of the latest high-tech UAV systems to capture fully stabilised 4K HD footage,
28MP RAW stills and imagery for aerial 4D mapping.

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Aerial Filming Plymouth